Saturday, May 1


That's "pilgram" turned inside out.

turns out, that it's a pretty good adjective for how I've been feeling lately. Glipmar 'bout sums it up perfectly.

See, we've decided to end our time in Italy.

So I'm inside out. I feel excited about what lies ahead. I feel sad about leaving Italy behind. I'm looking forward to time with old friends and already missing the time I've had with the new. Both happy and sick about the coming weeks ahead, weeks of getting rid of everything we won't ship, sailing the Sicilian seas, packing, and the joy of Amalfi. It all lies ahead in one giant ball of stress. I've gotten so far ahead of myself that it's paralyzed my ability to live one day at a time.



  1. Will you be returning to California?Lucky you

    Sad too, of course. It is so hard not to "get ahead of yourself" with such upcoming events. Leaves you very stressed out. Guess you have to try to concentrate on the good times ahead. How do the punks feel about it?

  2. well at lease your kids will have a couple of new cousins to play with.

  3. Anonymous7:06 AM

    Oh no! Why are you leaving? Where are you going back to? I shall miss your lovely photos of the old country.

  4. Great post, thanks.


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