Monday, May 10

face of the earth

A left and a right and a left-hop-skip
I think I've gone and hopped right off it

I've let myself dive into the persistent cloud-cover,
feeling the gray and gloomy days.
While lush mountains with their woolly green coats
flock the sulking Shepard.
Who sits on her rock and consoles her heart
drawing rivers with a stick in the mud
You see, the earth and the rain are playing a game
coaxing this crab from her shell.
For sit long enough on the most comfortable rock
and your bony ass will get sore
And your numb bum and the soft filtered sun
will cause you to stretch and to eye (unawares)
Whereupon Mother Kesey and her gang of merry pranksters
Swiftly sneeze you into the sky.


  1. It's just a jump to the left… and then a step to the right.

    I like the imagery here which makes you sometimes question if being grounded is worthwhile.

  2. Ha ha - very capricious

  3. Great to have you back ! I dont recall reading you in a while !

    'Swiftly sneeze you into the sky' ! :)

  4. CaJoh, I like your style. And I'm anything but grounded.
    XUP, thank you very much!
    Kavi, Yes... we have this expression "fell off the face of the earth"... and thus... the poem.


  5. Persistent cloud cover? Yup, that's my head these days.


...and you may ask yourself, did I get here?