Wednesday, May 12

abbastanza bene invitation

I want to let you know about a new project I am starting. It's called "abbastanza bene" and it's a poetry blog, in Italian. I choose "abbastanza bene" as the title because the expression means "ok" which is a generous description of my level of competence in Italian these days and I thought it was cute that the word "stanza" was hidden in the title of a poetry blog.

It sort of spun out a comment that a friend of mine made not long ago. She told me that she "adored" the way I expressed myself in Italian and that I should write much more before I learned too much of the language. It seemed a curious comment to me, but peaked my interest nonetheless. The kick came last night when I found myself awake at night, spilling out lines of a poem in my head, in Italian. And I thought, well, why not?

I linked to the blog on my sidebar under "siamo qui" (we're here).


  1. Okay, without my Italian dictionary (all the way across the room, ya know, it's early and I'm lazy) I'm too intimidated to comment on the abbastanza bene site, but I just came from there. ;-) yeah! You may just inspire me to learn more - for which I offer you much blame and praise.

    I've often been told that I sound "charming" in Spanish, and my not so favorite, "like a little girl!"

    There is so much power hidden in poetry. The ones passing out mixed compliments are unaware. Not unlike women -- hidden power many are unaware of - including the women themselves.

    grazie! kitty

  2. Santa maria ! You are making stellar progress ! :)

  3. Kitty, yes, I have this sense that I must sound like an uneducated sweetheart. But my hope is that forcing myself to weave phrases in Italian will help me progress... and keeping it a "poetry" blog gives me that license to not worry about having correct grammar. So it's my language learning project... we'll see.

    Kavi, You always know how to make me smile. Grazie.

  4. An ambitious undertaking! and a really interesting one.
    And the bonus is, you may be encouraging Kitty (my daughter) to learn more as well. I wish I could say you inspire me to learn, but I think I'm beyond the ability to start learning another language. I'm having enough trouble with this one.

  5. Anonymous6:11 AM

    Great! Now I have to learn Italian in order to follow your blog...


...and you may ask yourself, did I get here?