Sunday, July 12

world's best work out...

Holding on to a speeding boat with style...

Get the skis on your feet without swallowing lake water
Smile as the boat circles you like a shark
Don't wring your neck with the rope
Yell, "hit it" confidently
Get your butt out of the water before your swim suit comes off
Check for full coverage as you speed past the neighbors
Watch those chicken legs!
Go outside the wake at least once despite the sound of the water cackling against the bottom of your skis
Bail before your body does, and then walk around stretching your sore muscles for the next two days (all in less than 5 minutes!)


  1. Now do that three times a weeks like your old Dad and you'll be in great shape, but you'll have to loose one of those skis.... you did great, got up on your first try.... next time will work on getting you up on one ski and getting those punkettes up on skis.

  2. Glad to have you back.

    And so, you have been skimming the surface er...skiing on water ! Thats neat.

    And i hope the kids are doing super !

  3. Came here through Kavi's blog.Looks like you really enjoyed yourself.
    I am terrified of water, perhaps will never have the courage to do any water skiing.

  4. That is so awesome. I am supremely jealous that you can water ski.... :)

    Hope you are having a grand time in WI!!!

  5. amazing..that quite a feat!!


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