Thursday, July 2

Wisconsin, MIA

Highlights from our trip back to the good ole' Midwest USA...

Stepping off the plane in Chicago:
Punkone: I need a corndog!
SP: Wow. Really?
Punkone: I need a corndog now.

Went to a waterpark. Management stopped me as I was leaving the wave pool with Punkette.
Mgmt: Ma'am... is that your daughter?
SP: Yes.
Mgmt: Ma'am... she's gonna have to put a top on.
SP: What?
Mgmt: Ma'am... if you don't put a top on her, we're going to have to ask you to leave.
SP: ??? She's five. ???
Mgmt: She has to put a top on Ma'am.

Punkette: Mom, why do I have to wear this T-shirt?!?!
SP: Because people here are stupid.

Gathered around the campfire:
Punkone: Tell me a scary story
Grandpa: (in a spooky voice) Once upon a time,
Punkone: GRANDPA!!! Stop! You're giving me nightmares! Ok, tell me a scary story, but don't use that voice.
Grandpa: (whispering) there were two children that visited Lake Blackstone.
Punkone: GRANDPA!!! Don't whisper! And this isn't Lake Blackstone.
Grandpa: I know, it's just a story.
Punkone: Ok, tell me a story.
Grandpa: (touching Punkone's back) One cloudy night,
Punkone: GRANDPA!!! No TOUCHING! Tell me a story, but no whispering and no touching.
Grandpa: they were gathered around the campfire...
Punkone: GRANDPA!!!


  1. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Even with the bumps in the road, I hope you had fun.

  2. ROTFL I am sure Grandpa must have been having the time of his life !!


  3. Demanding a five-year-old put on a bathing suit top? That's definitely the Midwest!

  4. When you need a corndog, you need a corndog.

  5. We are having a blast... and I'm glad I checked in with my bloggy friends! More after we get some skiing in... there's finally SUN today!!!!!

  6. Next time just say, "Nope, she's a boy."

  7. Yea, I tried arguing that "she" was a boy. They wouldn't let it go though.

  8. Hi there,

    I enjoy reading your writing; you have a distict talent in combining humour with serious issues.

    Also, I share your way to look upon life:

    "The trick is to both stay and go. Bring with and leave behind. Change and remain true. All at the same time."

    I think this is so spot-on!

  9. Am finally I'm able to comment after 3 wks of not being able to!

    Actually now that I think of it, there are many who won't be happy about that....

  10. lol..hilarious..grandpas always have fun!!

  11. LOL!! That is hilarious.

  12. Must wear a top at five? Insane!

    Grandpas are so great!


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