Sunday, June 14


As if filing taxes abroad isn't convoluted enough...

Four years ago, when I took a job an hour and a half away from home, I hired a nanny to pick the punks up from daycare and take care of them until I could return (far too late). I did things on the up and up and registered as an Employer. I got myself an Employer Id Number. Woo hoo! That was before I was aware of the maze of forms and agencies that I'd have to keep track of. What a nightmare. What's worse, is that in the end, we only had a nanny for about 6 months, before we decided we needed a different solution to our punk-care needs. So, I never really got the hang of being an employer and never really figured out all the different filing I needed to do. And apparently made a mountain of mistakes that year.

So I end up here, spending my afternoon trying to sort out the mess started way back then. Good golly. I hope I can finally stomp this fire out.


  1. Ugg! :( I don't envy you this one. We hired an accountant prior to moving abroad because it was getting too confusing.

    Good luck!!

  2. A good deed never goes unpunished. . . j/k! Its amazing how complicated these things can be abroad.

  3. it's just unbeleivable how difficult they make it sometimes.

  4. Ouch. This is why I love being Canadian - no need to file as a non-resident.

  5. u will get through please :)


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