Sunday, June 21


We started the day with makeshift pancakes made with cornmeal added to make up for the missing flour (2:1) which ended up more like corn-crepes wrapped around strawberries... still good (makeshift is my staple culinary creation).

Then a good game of "toss the piggies" and ring around the shower... each having a turn, lots of howling, and papa offering up his face for the punks to have their first go at shaving. Isn't that what father's day is all about? (I was meanwhile in the shower doing my own shaving, thank you very much).

And a stroll... what's a Sunday without a stroll? We love to stroll. And we strolled to papa's favorite place to dine. Mmm ... brie with roasted red pepper jam, melon, some cous cous with tomato pesto, bits of salmon, and Punkette had her potato pure'... now who's the piggy?

And another stroll... what else can you do after such a delicious meal? Through dappled shade and scotching sun. In halter back dresses and BMX bikes. Even papa shows signs of contentment. ;)

Now we dive into the cooler, celar like atmosphere of our thick brick fortress. And I stumble upon a few gems that complement my afternoon retreat:

So Sexy in the Wasteland by Cedar Needle Copper Silk (one of my favorite blogs to drop in on) offers up some good food for thought.

Kavi's In praise of braids makes me smile from my core.

And the photos in a stop on the Silk Road simply SING!

I'll put it to you... have a simple Sunday.

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  1. Sounds like a good Sunday. . . . the food sounds fantastic!


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