Monday, June 1

i'm just a kid again, doin what I did again, singin this song...

Hi There Everyone,

I appologize for the lack of posts these past days. I am across the world, closer to many of you than I was before. Further away from others. But the primary difference is that I am working, without family, and I am sick. UGH.

So just taking a break from the proposal writing while my head tries to slowly explode. Really, I can feel the pressure building up behind my face as the hours tick by. Sitting here, amongst piles of tissues, but in a nice warm bed, partly due to the computer on my lap.

Best things so far:
The fantastic welcome back I get from everyone at work.
Meeting friends at a cafe for brunch and literally picking up like two years has not gone by.
The wall of cold remedies at the Drug store... an entire wall!!! I can look, read, and contemplate every possible treatment for what ails me.
Realizing that my love for people so far away hasn't diminished with time or distance.
Book stores.
Mexican tamales with spicy mango salsa.
Hummus with nan.
Finally getting to play Wii Rockstar. It's harder than I thought.

I'll be back more regularly next week ;)


  1. Looks indeed like the project is going on fine.

    As long as the laptop is warm enough for comfort and not hot enough for a 'hang' up !

    As long as the drugstore offers hope and is not all of it is not required..

    As long as everybody welcomes back despite the two years....

    And ofcourse, as long as old loves like Mexican tamales with spicy mango salsa remain alive. Not forgetting the books...!

    And as long as there is a promise to come back more often... next week..

    well, i guess alls well with the world and God is in his heaven.

    Wonder how the 'punks' are doing though !


    Have fun and a good luck on the project !

  2. You mock those of stuck far on the other side of hte world with talk of Mexican food and bookstores. *drool*pant*

    Hope you feel better soon!! *hugs*

  3. Thanks for stopping by. Nothing worse than being sick and feeling far away.

    Any Miso soup nearby? That always feels good for a cold. Or spicy thai soup.


...and you may ask yourself, did I get here?