Monday, July 5

touristy mix

So hello, strangers. Hello from brilliantly beautiful southern Italy. Ever wonder if it's universally true that people in warmer climates are warmer socially? I adore Amalfi. It's a damn lucky to be married to someone with roots here.

How's summer in Amalfi this year? Well, the World Cup has everyone in a buzz. Even with Italy having performed so dismally, they still find someone to get behind. In latest matches the bulk of spectators seem to be supporting Spain, Ghana, Argentina and then Uruguay last night. My son has become a die hard Germany fan. Personally I don't feel the same passion about who wins or looses at this point, but I love watching the game. My twisted mind is usually hoping for whoever is behind to even it up and for the game to go into penalty kicks.

This is our beach, looks like towards the end of the day since I see the beds are being put away. It's a public beach but the beds and umbrellas can be rented from "Tonino-o-beach"... it's become our place to go over the years, mostly because of Tonino and his family. It's also one of the more relaxed beaches and full of kids being crazy. It's funny when you're with kids, it's almost better to go to the more crazy places because they have fun and don't bug the hell out of you so much. Punks.

We get here around lunch time, swim, relax, eat some fruit and crackers, swim, kayak, snorkle, and relax some more. Yea, it's a rough life.

When we've had too much beach we take an open bus (this is key, open bus = no vomiting) to Ravello. We're always impressed with what is going on in Ravello and makes us wish Amalfi would get it's cultural act together. The picture above is from the gorgeous Villa Cimbrone and there is a concert society that organizes concerts with Villa Rufolo. Our latest form of torture is to head to Ravello for the afternoon and return to Amalfi by foot. Not to be advised in flip-flops!


  1. Sounds beautiful.

    Tell Punk One I am right there with him rooting on Germany.

  2. Anonymous7:12 AM

    It's all so so gorgeous, I don't know how you can bear to leave it.

  3. Wow. How lovely.

    I had to smile when I read that you were in Amalfi. I used to have a friend whose last name was D'Amalfi. :-)


  4. Amalfi is SOOOOO gorgeous, and I'm VERY glad for the tip about the OPEN bus for Ravello (did it once in a closed bus, and was VERY sorry...for the trip, not for the lovely city). To keep the nattering short (and hopefully less boring), one of my favorite Ravello memories: after having enjoyed the marvelous scenery from the walk along the cliff behind the villa, returning past the back of the villa I noticed a carved inscription, about 3' x 4', saying "Here, Greta Garbo lived her secret love life with...." HAH, some secret!


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