Friday, July 2

octopus brains

I woke with one of my infamous claustrophobic dreams tonight. Something about defending an alien species of octopus brains from the human race. The humans wanted to enslave or kill them all and I negotiated an agreement that they would only go to war if they were given some way to defend themselves. I woke to a desperate bloody battle scene of fleshy octopus brains trying to squeeze themselves into armor.

And I haven't even been watching Doctor Who.

I suppose it's the nearing date of my departure from Italy. Another American family holiday missed. A windowless bedroom compounded with sleeping with my bed-hog son... I'm carrying a whole lot of unexpressed anxiety around in my chest, so I guess I deserve octopus brains.

Plus I saw a sack of dying octopi on the beach today. Yea, that probably didn't help either.

So what does a pilgram do when she has a claustrophobic dream? First she gets the hell out of the cave/bedroom. The balcony is a good place to breathe. She switches beds with her husband. She listens to the "Stranger than Fiction" soundtrack. And when she still feels restless, she escapes into the blogsphere for a bit.

Hi there!

Yep, feeling much better now.

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  1. Hi there too !

    Well, over here, there is rain in the balcony ! That wakes me up and drives octopi and such others a good distance away !



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