Wednesday, May 4

Thematic photo: 369

Jumping right back in with Written, Inc: Thematic photo: Feeling Nostolgic

How I miss Trento.  This scene, once so familar.  Passed everyday.  The sounds, the light.  The air was different.  Have you felt that?  Another city, just the same you, but what you see, breathe, hear and feel is altogether different.  Does that make a different you?  Do you like that version better?  Is it still there when you've moved on?  Of course. Well, maybe not.  She's lost to time.  To a place. And she lives only in nostalgia.

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  1. I got here via your name on Carmi's Feeling Nostalgic post.
    You can feel the air in your photograph which is a place I could be nostalgic about.


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