Monday, February 27

dark closet

Stuffed with wool coats
It's quiet and dark
A safe little space
For big dreamers to park

Ships sailing seas
Across wide stretches of blue
Far foreign faces
I know to be true

Now that I'm reaching far
Fetching dreams of my past
I'm hiding in closets with
New questions to ask

Not yet so sure of myself
As I should
I seek dark quiet spaces
And the graces of good


  1. New questions to ask
    usually leads to a genie
    that jumps out of old casks !

    And closets maybe.

    wishing you the very best !

  2. Cheers, this is great:)

  3. i used to keep up with you about a year and a half ago and then i just stopped blogging and so it is nice to see you are still here and bravo with quite a nice following. hope the repatriation is going well.

  4. Really liked the flow of the poem, extremely smooth.

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