Tuesday, September 13


A litany of something in the background
What was it?
"Replace the letter or letters with the letter or letters..."
"What fraction of boys is the least..."
Or something... you lost me at the second letter.
I'm staring at a brick and feeling very good about it.
This is a nice size brick
Painted white.
How odd... I generally don't like the look of painted bricks.
But there is something about this brick
Something unifying, well known.
Hello brick. Have we met?
Stare into it like it understands.
Can you read my thoughts?
I decide I'm certain that it can.
The brick sees all.
Sees the meltdown, smackdown, the lowdown
But still it stays.
I get the sense that the brick gives us the benefit of the doubt.
Knows our good intentions.
Is sure of love and lasting.

Or maybe just lacks the ability to go.
But no
I don't feel anguish or desperation
Or even the absence of a thing
The feeling is good
This is accepting
Even pleased.

"...underlined letter or letters and write the new word"
Like brick, trick, trip, slip, ship, shape, sea, swell, breathe, sigh, neigh...
Sorry. What?


  1. u write beautifully...

  2. very nice...Very fun and interesting, playful, you remind me of the Chilean writers ... when we give inanimate consciousness to reflect the moral! hey thanks you're a good

  3. Anonymous4:48 PM

    This entry describes how I feel when I haven't gotten enough sleep... I love your style and hope to read more!


  4. Anonymous7:13 AM

    I got lost a bit at the top then found myself in the middle then lost again at the bottom. Good poem if i get lost in poetry it must be good.


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