Thursday, October 21


In the wake of an amazing vacation or the incredible experience of being abroad for a few years, what do you get excited about when you get back home? I keep finding myself focusing on comfort, and I went back to a little place today that could be the physical expression of the feeling.

It's a little diner named "Ann's Coffee Shop" and doesn't seem to have been touched by the silicon valley it sits in. They have cottage cheese and peaches on the menu and a navy bean soup of the day. My neighbor orders a glass of 2% milk and a liverwurst sandwich on toasted bread with lettuce, mayo and mustard... He's obviously come home. The decor and the majority of the clients all had their heydays sometime in the sixties, but that too has a comforting effect on me. I found it grounding to be in a place that was perfectly content being just as it is... and always has been.


  1. You've captured the magic of this timeless place. I think we all have Ann's Coffee Shops buried deeply in our memories. In my case, it's a place called Miss Chomedey. Thanks to you, I can now close my eyes and feel what it was like to be Right There, waiting for the servers to bring me a well-earned milkshake.

    Good times...

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