Thursday, June 10

don't grease your wheels when you're going uphill

I think I can
I think I can

Moving date is scheduled for June 15th. I'm hoping this is a good sign.

See, 15 is my lucky number. For a long time it was just because I was born on the 15th.

When deciding due dates for my daughter the calender said the 10th and the ultrasound said the 20th so I said, "let's just make it the 15th."

She was born on the 15th. 45 minutes after my water broke weighing 10lbs even (no, not 15) but without a scratch on Mommy. I felt pretty darn lucky that day.

My husband's Mom, wife, and daughter were all born on the 15th. He's lucky too.

So, moving date scheduled, pre-pack survey done and I decide I've got a bone to pick with the moving company. We booked the move right before we took off for Sicily. I had one other quote come in higher than them, so decided to just count our losses and sign. Contract signed, scanned, sent and we're off for Sicily. For those of you who have never moved overseas, let's just say the move is more expensive than almost anything you can put in that box.

Week later come back to emails to find quote number three... a whopping $1300 dollars LOWER than who we've signed with. Ugh.

Upon closer inspection, it turns out that not only is this quote for the same services, but it's almost entirely handled by the same companies!!! There's the Italian start, a big ship in the middle and the US end. Only difference is the final mover in California. In fact, we booked our move with the central player (the trans-atlantic) part of the Q3's plan.

So I call up our mover to ask what's the dealy-O and he spews something about XYZ Port fees not being included and then Q3 says they are included and then I go back to our mover with something along the lines of figure out how to sort this out there or I'll cancel and rebook with Q3.

Mover lops $1100 off the original quote. Apologizes for not being able to match but hopes I'll accept the new quote.

Since when did $1000 dollars become something so trivial? This is amazing to me. And I have to tell you that it was difficult to accept the revised quote. I felt like I'd been scammed. Why didn't they offer that in the first place? Is there a softball team somewhere that won't get matching jerseys after all?

Since school has let out I forget what day it is. Feels like a Tuesday but I'm pretty sure that's not right. I need my planner now more than ever.

To illustrate, Punkone served us breakfast this morning. He has a "no clothes, no service" policy (it was posted on the kitchen door). This is because his sister and I spend the morning in our underwear. I think all the lack of scheduling around here is really getting to him.


  1. Cheeky gits.

    A grand, just plonked on top ?

    Do they think it is like loose change or somthing ?

  2. Wow! I've done quite a bit of moving in my day, but this cost tops it all. Remind me never to move overseas.

  3. Ugh! Moving is never fun. Hope you make it to your lucky day in one piece.


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