Tuesday, October 28

more connections

There was a beautiful park near the hotel. The overcast weather and extreme green of the place reminded me of sleepy hollow...

Connections... doesn't this remind you of a walk in the woods along Lake Michigan? Well, except for the castle, but that's the unsettling part. Things are just slightly tweaked here.

So the following morning I met up again with the group from Bari that I had eaten lunch with the day before. It was actually just three from the group and it gave me a chance to chat with them a bit more (plus I was more confident after my night out on the town with the Romans). So, the usual "nice to meet you" conversation transpires... I'm American, living in northern Italy now... when it came to "oh, so you work for American Start-Up in Italy (ASUI)?"

What? Uh, no. That's weird. Why is that weird...

1. This is a photovoltaic conference. ASUI is a biotech start-up. Nothing to do with solar.

2. NO ONE has heard of ASUI.

Me: "No, my husband works there... how do you know ASUI?"

Bari: "I interviewed with them a few months ago... When I saw your name, I thought you must be Matteo's sister... you even look alike."

OH... I find this very funny. We've finally become one of those couples that has been together for so long they look alike.

On the way home, night was approaching. I watched the distance grow between the train and the Adriatic Sea. Once the sky was black and all I could see were passing lights and highways and the train was quiet everything seemed familiar again. The night, lights, and people on the train, absorbed in their books and music, are all the same really. The same you find anywhere.


  1. Very nice pictures of the nature. I do appreciate it. Have a nice day!

  2. I absolutely loved your last little paragraph. It feels like the end of a book.... or maybe the beginning. So much suggestion of other thoughts under the surface. So enigmatic.

    Kind of gave me shivers, actually.


...and you may ask yourself, well...how did I get here?