Friday, January 30

Strange Pilgram tells all... or not.

Punkette explained to me yesterday the difference between her mind and her brain. Her brain just makes her do things... her mind is where she thinks about them.

The universe just turned white. Forget yogis, have a couple of kids for a daily dose of enlightenment.

So, although I like saying "brain" more, I guess the buzz in my head is really going on in my mind. You see I'm really excited about this list of prompts I've been collecting as blogging fodder for February. And since you all have signed up for NaBloPoMo (or at least to come here every day and taunt encourage me through it), I'll give you a preview of the seeds that are sprouting like wildfire in my mind... (get it out!!!)


Sorry, I got lost on the tip of David Tennant's finger. I typed out the list, but then decided, on second thought, not to post it. I fear posting it will kill any curiosity you might have in my blog over the following month and I'll be left in an empty black padded room with only my own hair to pull out.

After all how interesting does "curtains" sound? Yea, that's on the list, and the story behind it will BLOW YOUR MIND!!! So suck it.

You see what too much thinking can do to you? Rude and not ginger.


  1. Oooh I love the difference between brain and mind.

  2. The universe just turned white. Forget yogis, have a couple of kids for a daily dose of enlightenment.

    Loved it!

    I'll wait for the finished goods...

    tweedle tweedle thump thump...tweedle tweedle thump thump...

  3. Punkette is brilliant!

  4. Oh, David Tennent, best Doctor evar! Yeah, that was a little distracting. (wipes drool from chin)

    Punkette and Wild Child #2 might think a little alike. Whenever WC2 would do something naughty (this was about 6 months ago) she'd say her brain just wouldn't stop her from doing it, she just did it. What?! She was trying to tell me she had no control over the impulses? Hmm.. aren't there adults that still do that? At least WC2 has stopped blaming her psycho body and mind as the parts that were hijacking brain now. Now she just plain takes responsibility for her actions. Gasp! What are we teaching her?

  5. Oh, am I feeling peer pressure for the NaBloPoMo? I likely the blog badge. :)

  6. Wild Child...
    You can snatch up that badge for your very own blog... A N D I will promise to visit and encourage everyday!!!!

    Also, David Tennant has repeat appearances in my "suck it" theme... did you ever notice his tendency to lick things?

  7. And yes, the brilliant piece of enlightenment revealed itself during a conversation in which she was arguing her way out of something. I swear that girl is going to be a lawyer when she grows up.

  8. This post served its purpose -- my interest is piqued!

  9. Your kid is effortlessly brilliant! Aloha-


...and you may ask yourself, did I get here?